In-Terminal Advertising

A new way to manage your airport advertising program

Qfactor is a division of The Quotient Group and it’s a new way to manage your airport advertising program. We help you take back control, increase revenue, expand community partnerships, improve capital, incorporate new technologies, and improve passenger experience. We will help you get revenue flowing and build long-term growth so we can both succeed.

What is it?

It is right there in the name – airport advertising is where advertisers pay you to post their ads in — you guessed it — your airport. It’s not a new concept, but the way we do it is. We’ve been on the airport side of a crummy airport advertising contract, so we’re changing the model in a way that puts the focus on the partnership.

Do I need it?

If you’ve ever felt like you’re being held hostage by your agreement, or you want to diversify and increase non-aeronautical revenue, this could be your chance.

Why does it matter?

Travelers are one of the most highly sought-after audiences. They have a high household income and the power to make purchasing decisions. This means advertisers are chomping at the bit to get their message in front of your passengers, but they need someone who understands their needs and can deliver them an ad opportunity they can’t refuse.

  • We know we can depend on The Quotient Group. Their team is quick to respond with a drive to deliver top quality work. They have helped us develop a cohesive digital marketing strategy and understand the need to show ROI for dollars spent. Their expertise in aviation marketing is helping us achieve many of our goals.
    - Ty Lewis, BKG
  • TQG is a lifeline for me. I wear many hats and time management is critical, so I don’t have time to explain what an airline is or what an airport needs to a common advertising agency. The ability to simply conceptualize a need or idea to TQG and have spot-on deliverables has been paramount to our growth and success at SDF.
    - Anthony Gilmer, SDF
  • Working with The Quotient Group evolved from a website project to a retainer relationship covering many aspects of our marketing and communications. They are a partner in our marketing program with outstanding work, a turnaround time that works for my deadlines and the ability to keep projects moving. With their understanding of the industry and the challenges of smaller market airports, The Quotient Group has made a difference in our marketing and communications efforts.
    - Fran Strebing, BMI
  • ROC Airport works with the Quotient Group on a monthly retainer for marketing, branding, social media support and other related tasks.  The Quotient Group is well versed in all things “airport” and has become an extension of our marketing team.  Their work and advice are always professional, creative and timely.  In partnership with The Quotient Group we have made the ROC brand shine.
    - Andrew G. Moore, ROC
  • As a marketing department of one, working with The Quotient Group is like having the marketing team I’ve always needed. They really get airport marketing and I don’t have to explain how aviation works before I can hand off a project. There’s something very reassuring about knowing they’re ready to jump in when I need them.
    - Julie Curtis, SBN
  • From day one, working with The Quotient Group allowed me to focus on my top priorities by giving them the projects I wouldn’t have been able to complete. From strategy to design, I know I can rely on The Quotient Group’s aviation experience and creativity to take our marketing projects to the next level.
    - Tiana M. O'Connor, RST