Trip Cost Calculator

Many travelers have been trained to look at the cost of airfare as the determining factor when choosing their departure airport. But, like you, we know there are many other factors that impact the true cost of a trip, including parking, mileage, the value of the traveler’s time, and even toll fees in some cases.

Retrain your travelers to consider the true cost of their trip and help them discover that they may be spending more in an attempt to save by choosing a competing airport.

Test out our Trip Cost Calculator below and contact us to have it added to your website!


  • Allow users to compare the true cost of travel from your airport versus one, two or three competing airports
  • Choose whether the user enters toll and mileage data manually or chooses a starting point from a dropdown menu
  • Set default values for any category, and the user can adjust them for their needs
  • Fonts and colors adjustable to match your brand
  • Installed and active in minutes on any WordPress website — or contact us for options for your non-WordPress website
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