How to Work with an Agency

How to Work with an Agency

We at The Quotient Group weren’t always on this side of the client-agency relationship. In fact, most of our team first worked as in-house marketing professionals for an airport, government agency, retail or other type of business, which means we’ve been on your side of the table and we know how it feels.

Every agency is different and learning how to get the most out of your partnership with an agency can take a minute. At The Quotient Group, the short answer is that you can work with us in whatever way best meets your needs, but how do you know your needs?

Ways our clients work with us

Here are a few of the most common ways our clients use us to achieve more and worry less in their marketing.

Implementing: We are an extension of your team

  • Best if: You have ideas, you just need someone to turn them into reality. You’re a go-getting, idea-generating machine.
  • How it works: Send your graphic design, writing, editing or other creative project to us and we get it done.

Collaborating: We are part of your team

  • Best if: You want to work together to take your ideas to the next level. You believe two brains are better than one and you frequently  wish you could clone yourself.
  • How it works: We collaborate with you weekly on your projects, brainstorming ways to make a bigger impact and bringing order to the chaos.

Innovating: We help lead your team

  • Best if: You want industry experts to bring you the next big idea for your marketing efforts. You’re constantly seeking to be the best and won’t rest until you are.
  • How it works: We actively seek out new ideas and strategize ways to make you look like a hero. With dedicated time and team members who know your brand inside out, we are on a mission to help you achieve something incredible.

Don’t see a category that fits? No problem. We can jump in wherever you need us.

Already have a local agency? Great! We frequently work with local agencies to help our clients make the most of their budget and check off all their to-do lists.

Tips for working with any agency

Along the way, we’ve collected some of our favorite tips for how to work with any agency:

  • Bring examples of similar projects you liked (or didn’t like) — easy as a Google search for “airport brochure”!
  • Focus on the outcome you want and ask the agency to give you their recommendations on how to get there
  • Share your resources — if you have access to photos for a design project or your airport has a web developer on staff, it could cut down on your costs to merge your resources with the agency’s
  • Get internal buy-in early on — share drafts as early as possible with anyone who has the authority to nix or slow a project; often, it’s edits that happen later in a project that require scope changes and a bigger budget
  • Be honest — you’re paying an agency to deliver work you can be proud of, so don’t hesitate to give your real opinions
  • Be clear — if you don’t know what you want, the agency won’t be able to give it to you, so it’s worth the “extra” time to think through what you really want and how to communicate that to your agency
  • Have fun! After all, if marketing can’t be fun, what can be? During the brainstorming and creative processes, letting loose and spitting out some really terrible ideas can actually pave the way for good ideas to fly. Pun intended. #havingfun