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Budgets dictate your spending. Stretch your dollars by attending our in-person and/or online career development opportunities.


Edge — the home of our online aviation marketing courses — is about confidence. We teach you what we know so you can do it yourself. Edge courses are designed for aviation professionals in a variety of job roles, from airport manager to marketing director to customer service representative. Edge helps you stay on top of the latest trends, gain knowledge and learn tips and tools that help you accomplish your professional goals.

Previous and future topics include:

•  Building a Creative Concept in 30 min. or less
•  Crafting a Stellar Event or Promotion
•  Aviation Marketing for New Board Members
•  Customer Service
•  Airport Website Best Practices


Edge - Aviation Marketing Education


Does the thought of another shovel event to announce your next construction project put you to sleep? And once you’re asleep, do you have that nightmare about the ribbon cutting where the scissors aren’t sharp enough to actually cut the ribbon?

We’ve helped our clients create stellar events that break the mold and get attention. Like cutting that ribbon with a propeller, or the 80s party from years ago that people are still talking about.

We believe events should be captivating and have people telling their friends about how cool the experience was long after it’s over. Sort of like the feeling you get from the experience you had at that certain theme park in Florida that we can’t name because we don’t want to be sued.

Some examples of what we can do for you:

•  Air Service Reveals and Launch Parties
•  Groundbreaking Ceremonies
•  Convention and Conference Planning
•  Trade Shows
•  Audio/Visual Productions
•  Event Coordination and Logistics
•  Customer Service Training
•  Team Building

Airport Roundtable Series

If JumpStart and Routes are speed-dating for airports and airlines, the Airport Roundtable Series is that first weekend getaway with lots of quality time and a feeling like anything could happen.

Each year in a handful of locations across the U.S., we bring together airlines and airport marketing and air service development professionals to connect in a small group environment. We talk, we learn, we swap stories, we laugh, we eat, we drink — in short, we bond. And that opportunity is exactly why most of our Airport Roundtable Series Events sell out. Well, that and because we limit attendance so everyone has time to chat with the airline they’ve got eyes on.

Learn more over at and join us at our next one!


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Do I need it?

Have you ever wondered if you’re missing some elusive marketing trick that could transform your campaigns? Or wished you had a way to come up with more creative ideas? If you’ve ever put together an event that was tons of work but still felt like it was missing something, then you need the tools in our education and events toolbox.

What is it?

Benjamin Franklin said “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” At The Quotient Group, there are two sides to this coin. Side one is giving airport pros the tools – and the confidence – to build successful marketing programs. It’s why we created online courses and why we plan multiple Airport Roundtable Series events every year. Side two is helping our clients put those tools to work to create memorable events and experiences for their passengers and community.

Why does it matter?

When you know that you’ve checked all the boxes and haven’t missed anything, you can be confident that you’re heading in the right direction. When a leader exhibits confidence that is built on facts and not façade, people follow.

  • When I told The Quotient Group about the Ultimate Vegas Vacation package they were eager to learn more about my goals and execute a social promotion to collect emails. As the promo wrapped up, everyone involved was excited about the quality of the results—especially the winner of the prize package!
    - Daniel Meier, PSP
  • We know we can depend on The Quotient Group. Their team is quick to respond with a drive to deliver top quality work. They have helped us develop a cohesive digital marketing strategy and understand the need to show ROI for dollars spent. Their expertise in aviation marketing is helping us achieve many of our goals.
    - Ty Lewis, BKG
  • We have the Quotient Group on a monthly retainer, and they consistently deliver creative solutions and quality work. One phone call to The Quotient Group and I can breathe easier because they know aviation and understand what I’m trying to accomplish.
    - Teckie Hinkebein, GPT
  • From day one, working with The Quotient Group allowed me to focus on my top priorities by giving them the projects I wouldn’t have been able to complete. From strategy to design, I know I can rely on The Quotient Group’s aviation experience and creativity to take our marketing projects to the next level.
    RST Team
  • I find the Quotient team's work to be spot on--creative, on time, and on budget. We thank them wholeheartedly for assisting our Central Texas customers with way-finding branding to the new low-cost terminal and for promoting new routes, effectively. Thumbs up, Quotient Group, for your crack team of writers, graphic designers, and digital services expertise.
    - Jamy Kazanoff, AUS
  • Working with The Quotient Group evolved from a website project to a retainer relationship covering many aspects of our marketing and communications. They are a partner in our marketing program with outstanding work, a turnaround time that works for my deadlines and the ability to keep projects moving. With their understanding of the industry and the challenges of smaller market airports, The Quotient Group has made a difference in our marketing and communications efforts.
    - Fran Strebing, BMI