Bringing your brand to life

Through inspired, attention-grabbing work, The Quotient Group can help you increase passenger loyalty, and ultimately gain lasting community support. We’ll work with you from conception through activation to develop strategic, breakthrough creative to generate attention and response.

The Quotient Group provides a full suite of creative, design, and marketing services for our clients including, but not limited to:

•  Graphic Design

•  Video Production

•  Website Development

•  Content Writing

•  E-newsletters

What is it?

In this context, “creative” is a noun. It includes graphics, photos, words, videos – everything that brings a brand or a message to life.

Do I need it?

When you look at other airports’ award-winning marketing campaigns, do you have flashbacks to that moment when your sibling got the toy you wanted for Christmas? Brand envy is a symptom of blasé creative and we’re here to tell you the struggle is real. If you feel like your website needs more pizzazz, or you’ve ever struggled to find a graphic to add to a Facebook post, or you look the other way when you pass your airport’s billboard on the highway, then you need creative.

Why does it matter?

Creative is what your passengers and community associate with your airport. With a great-looking campaign design, website, or hype video, you’ll take back control of what your audience visualizes when they think about your airport.

  • As a marketing department of one, working with The Quotient Group is like having the marketing team I’ve always needed. They really get airport marketing and I don’t have to explain how aviation works before I can hand off a project. There’s something very reassuring about knowing they’re ready to jump in when I need them.
    - Julie Curtis, SBN
  • We have the Quotient Group on a monthly retainer, and they consistently deliver creative solutions and quality work. One phone call to The Quotient Group and I can breathe easier because they know aviation and understand what I’m trying to accomplish.
    - Teckie Hinkebein, GPT
  • When I told The Quotient Group about the Ultimate Vegas Vacation package they were eager to learn more about my goals and execute a social promotion to collect emails. As the promo wrapped up, everyone involved was excited about the quality of the results—especially the winner of the prize package!
    - Daniel Meier, PSP
  • ROC Airport works with the Quotient Group on a monthly retainer for marketing, branding, social media support and other related tasks.  The Quotient Group is well versed in all things “airport” and has become an extension of our marketing team.  Their work and advice are always professional, creative and timely.  In partnership with The Quotient Group we have made the ROC brand shine.
    - Andrew G. Moore, ROC
  • TQG is a lifeline for me. I wear many hats and time management is critical, so I don’t have time to explain what an airline is or what an airport needs to a common advertising agency. The ability to simply conceptualize a need or idea to TQG and have spot-on deliverables has been paramount to our growth and success at SDF.
    - Anthony Gilmer, SDF
  • Working with The Quotient Group evolved from a website project to a retainer relationship covering many aspects of our marketing and communications. They are a partner in our marketing program with outstanding work, a turnaround time that works for my deadlines and the ability to keep projects moving. With their understanding of the industry and the challenges of smaller market airports, The Quotient Group has made a difference in our marketing and communications efforts.
    - Fran Strebing, BMI